Health Care, Education, Organizations and Ethics

Health Care, Education, Organizations, and Ethics

Head of Doctoral Programme: Mette Grønkjær

Danish version of the program description

This doctoral program provides a frame for doctoral students within the Faculty of Medicine, who wants to explore the phenomenon of health and medicine in a social, cultural, and/or historical world. The doctoral program brings together different theories and methodologies from the social sciences, humanities and health sciences in order to approach health and health care in a variety of disciplinary contexts.

The program covers research in four thematic areas: Health Care, Health Education, Health Organizations, and Health Ethics. The thematic areas cover research in clinical practice, teaching practice, as well as research in the primary, secondary, and tertiary health care system.

Health Care

This thematic area covers health care as an area of research within a variety of health care professions such as medical, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy research. In this context, health care refers to what happens to a patient and to actions by people who work in health care and by patients. Research that seeks to describe, understand, or categorize the production and actions by patients and health care professionals is covered by this areas. Intervention and Implementation research in clinical practice is also included in this area.

Health Education

This thematic area covers research on both formal and informal education and learning in relation to health care. Formal education may cover disciplines such as medical, nursing, public health, sports education, and problem based learning in health environments. Informal education may cover patient education, counselling or other educational initiatives. Participation of patients, relatives, and health care professionals in health care research, clinical practice, and health care management are also included in this area.

Health Organizations

This thematic area covers management, knowledge production and dissemination of knowledge among the members of a health organization. This may include the design and implementation of strategies aimed at improving the learning capacity of organizations. This area may also include economics and technologies from a variety of social, cultural, and/or historical perspectives.

Health Ethics

This thematic area covers ethics and philosophy of health and health care sciences. The area addresses the ontological and epistemological principles underlying different views and research approaches within the different health care fields. This thematic area may focus on research within the philosophy and ethics of health and health care sciences in general as well as particular disciplines such as medical, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, technology, public health, sports etc.


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