Clinical and Pharmacological Medicine

Clinical and Pharmacological Medicine

This program focuses on clinical and pharmacological research. The scope is broadly defined within the field of medicine and surgery. The research settings take place in biomedical laboratories as well clinical settings (e.g., hospital) and can cover both basic and applied research studies. The PhD projects are typically human studies (patients/healthy persons), but basic animal studies can also be included.

Typical studies could be clinical assessment of patient populations, diagnostics, test of treatments, etc.

This program also includes clinical studies on innovations in virtual/digital healthcare including health information technology, wearable devices, e-health, and personalized (precision) medicine. Studies where engineers and medical doctors collaborate are also included in this programme.

The PhD courses related to this programme offer a comprehensive overview on how to design and perform clinical studies and provide the necessary tools to go ahead with high quality clinical or pharmacological research.

Head of Program - Clinical and Pharmacological Medicine