Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

 The Doctoral School is responsible for the administration in relation to doctoral dissertations at the Faculty of Medicine. The following information describes the requirements in relation to the doctoral dissertation and its submission.
The faculty can award the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor technices (dr.techn.)
  • Doctor scientiarum (dr.scient)
  • Doctor mediciniae (

When submitting your thesis it is required that the following elements are included:

  • Co-author statements: If the dissertation includes work (articles) done in collaboration with others this must be followed by co-author statements. Please apply the template found in the document available below.
  • Resume: If the dissertation is written in English, the resume must be in Danish and vice versa.
  • Summary: If the dissertation consist of several papers/articles an outline including all academic results must be included.
  • A statement declaring that the thesis has not previously been submitted for assessment in relation to a doctoral degree and whether or not the entire thesis or parts of it has founded the basis for awarding an academic degree or has been positively assessed as a prize paper.
  • The author must enclose an updated resume including a list of publications.
  • If the author has a master degree that is not related to the requested doctoral degree, a short substantiated application must be included as to why a dispensation should be made. This must document that the applicant possesses research knowledge within the subject field.

When the thesis is submitted to the Doctoral School it is required that all of the above is present. Furthermore the thesis must be delivered in a form that is acceptable to present to the assessment committee. 

The Minsiterial Order on doctorates (only available in Danish)

Co-author statement

Information regarding honorary doctorates

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