Timeframes for the PhD Study

There are several timeframes you need to adhere to during your PhD study. This section seeks to outline these timeframes.

Please remeber that the timeframes are not guidelines but fixed dates.

  • Application for enrollment - Forward it to the Doctoral School 1 month prior to the desired starting date. 
  • Phd Plan - uploaded no later than 2 months after the enrollment date via PhD manager
  • 6 months after enrollment first progress report - these are done after 6, 24 and 30 months of enrollment - automatic process through PhD manager
  • Predefense - must take place prior to the deadline for the updated PhD plan (11 months)
  • 11 month PhD plan - uploaded trough PhD manager no later than 11 months after enrollment

The following timeframes are related to the completion of the PhD study:

  • 4 months prior to the desired defense date - the department forwards a suggestions for an assessment committee.
  • 9 weeks prior to the defense the Doctoral School must receive co-author statements, supervisor statement and decleration concerning good scientific practice. Once these are approved, the thesis can be submitted.
  • The assessment committee is provided with 5 weeks as a minimum to assess the thesis.
  • 3 weeks prior to the defense the Doctoral School must receive the preliminary assessment.
  • 2 weeks prior to the defense (at the latest) the PhD student receives the preliminary assessment.
  • Following the defense the final assessment is completed
  • The Academic Council officially awards the degree at the first coming meeting
  • Download full figure of the process

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