Get to know yourself better - DISC profile with feedback

All PhD students can now get a DISC profile by a certified employee followed by individual feedback.

Last modified: 16.09.2020

Get to know yourself and your prefernces

The DISC profile can be used in a variety of ways but one of the main things is its ability to create reflection about yourself and your prefernces in relation to your current jobs and future career. Sometimes you may allready be aware of some of the elements uncoverered by the profile and the feedback and sometimes you may be suprpised by the findings - ultimately you should be able to pinpoint certain aspects of yourself better after having received the feedback.

Strenghten your collaboration

The DISC profile can also assist you in relation to improving your collaboration with your colleagues - getting to know how other people respond to your profile and how your profile responds to them is a key aspect in ensuring proper communication, well defined roles and common understanding in a research group fx.

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If you want to book a session or just want more information contact Kristian Østergaard Sørensen at AAU PhD - Kristian is certified in the "Everything DISC workplace profile" and have good experience in giving feedback to PhD students in particular.